Location: Singapore

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


We had a BBQ at Eileen's condominium this evening! About 20 of us turned up. I'm still thinking of the chocolate, marshmellow and banana that we had at the BBQ. YUMMY! Heh, hope you guys had fun!


Friday, September 29, 2006

Malaysia Trip

We had such a fun time in Malaysia (27 to 28 Sept)! There was full attendance! It was subsidized through the fund raising efforts of our FST staff (not NUS)! (*touched*)

In all the factories, we had to wear a hair net, labcoats and shoe covers! We looked weird!
Day 1:
We stopped over in Johor Bahru to visit Kerry Ingredients.

We bought lunch at Yong Peng and ate on the way to our next destination, Malaysia Palm Oil Board (in Selangor).

After that, we headed for The Federal where we checked in. In the evening, we went for shopping in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.
Day 2:
We had a good breakfast at the hotel in the morning! It was a standard breakfast buffet.

After breakfast, we headed to Cerebos Malaysia Sdn Bhd. They manufacture Brand's Essence of Chicken! We got a look at how they packaged the item. It was really interesting! They could fold a box from a flat cardboard in a fraction of a second! We were given refreshments (Bee Hoon, Curry Chicken, Curry Puff, Vegetable & Orange Cordial).

We headed for lunch at a seafood restaurant. There was so much food that we could not finish it! We were face to face with a spider crab. It was like half a metre wide! HUGE.

In the afternoon, we visited Malaysia Milk Sdn Bhd. They specialize in cultured milk, that is, VITAGEN!!! They make other products like Peel Fresh and Marigold products.

In the evening, we had dinner at another seafood restaurant (Yong Peng). The food was great but the air conditioning was extremely cold. After that, we had a long journey back to Singapore. On the way back, some of us were sabotaged and had to sing a song!

Just to mention, along the highway, we saw cows and horses! They were only separated from us by a single fence and were roaming by themselves. Some of our batchmates saw a truckload of camels too!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Chilling out at Holland Village

During our 6 hour break, our FST class went to Holland Village. We ate at some noodle shop and went to Settler's Cafe to play some board games. We had so much for just for $6.60 (includes free flow Coke or Ice Lemon Tea) per person for the student package. I have not encountered such a crazy, hyper and noisy bunch in a long time (since secondary school maybe). It's definitely a great place to chill and have fun!

It's terrifying to travel around in such a large group.
There were 19 of us:
Yin Teng
Shing Yin
Huey Yie
Pei Wei
Yi Yun
Grace Tan
Fang Yin
Grace Yip

That should be it I guess!
More photos coming your way in our Yahoo Groups... (let me know if you're not part of it yet. I'll send you the invite)

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Sentosa Party 2006

The Sentosa Party this evening was enjoyable! Our ex-Director, Prof. Barlow is a jolly man! We started the party by playing beach volleyball followed by excellent food in a buffet-like manner. We got to know a few seniors and some of the staff better. We played Win, Lose or Draw as well and it was filled with excitement!
Only Eileen and I went for the event (from our class)! But that wasn't so bad because the Years 2s had 3 participants and the Year 3s had 4! The Year 4s made up the bulk of students along with the other staff and Masters/PhD students!
The FST Alumni will be organizing more events in the future! Be sure to turn up! So far, all the food at such events have been yummylicious!!!!

Friday, February 10, 2006

FST Department Potluck

There was FST department potluck in the evening! It was a reunion. The FST staff and all the batches of FST students came back! As you can see, there were only 6 year ones(Zhang Yu, Pei Wei, Pearly, Sharon, Amanda and me)!
The food was the best I've ever had for a potluck! The Yu Sheng was... abundant. There was like an area of 0.75m x 0.75m of yu sheng. Amazing.
For your information, we are the 7th batch of students.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Our Class Tee

This is our polo tee! Designs by Sharon! *clap clap*

Saturday, January 14, 2006

SIFST Gathering 2006

We had a gathering subsidised by SIFST (Singapore Institute of Food Science and Technology). It was a high tea with 2 games (Find it! & Win, lose or draw) and a lucky draw! The gathering comprised of students from Singapore Poly, Temasek Poly, NUS level 2 and us (NUS level 1) as well as some SIFST council members (Prof Zhou included) and a visiting Prof from Indonesia! It was held at the Tessensohn Clubhouse (aka Civil Service Club). Almost our whole class was there! Thank you all for your support! Hope you all enjoyed the gathering!